The professional full-time courses are conducted from February to December each year. They are delivered face to face at Principal Academy studios from Monday to Friday with approximately 40 hours contact time per week.

Upon commencement each student is allocated with their own portal that contains full course information, study help links, unit outlines, assessment information, policies and procedures. This portal also where students will complete and submit all academic work associated with each unit, the ability to track progress and download certificates upon successful completion.

Throughout the duration of the course, each student will enhance and refine their performance technique through an intensive curriculum that focuses on dance, musical theatre, acting, improvisation and vocal skills. It is widely known that the modern performing arts industry demands highly versatile and adaptable artists. Being skilled in multiple areas increases career opportunities. We aim to provide students every advantage when it comes to securing valuable and rewarding employment.


Fees are payable in either fortnightly, monthly or per term instalments. Alternatively, students may apply for a study loan for all or part or their fees. Further information on this option is available by clicking on the Study Loans link below.

If you have any questions regarding full-time study, please contact administration either in person or send an email here.

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Did you know Principal Academy now provides access to study loans?

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