Principal Academy of Dance and Theatre Arts

Hellen Russo

Guest Tutors / Classical Technique

Professional Experience

Hellen Russo is a highly qualified, technical and friendly dance teacher with an extensive experience as a ballet and contemporary dancer, performer and choreographer. Still very young, Hellen,  learned from the very best ballet teachers in Sao Paulo studding the Vaganova method, R.A.D. and Graham modern dance technique at the Sao Paulo’s Ballet Theatre where she obtained her Diploma of Ballet through a scholarship award after eight years of unconditional dedication.

Hellen began her professional dance career as a classical ballerina in her teenage years, performing on several classical  ballets repertoire and also worked for a few years as a hired dancer for the Sao Paulo’s Classical Ballet Academy directed by Halina Biernacka.

As a young adult Hellen became interested in modern and contemporary dance and started dancing professionally in award winning dance companies like CALEIDOS Cia de Danca and Nucleo Arterias and worked as a rehearsal and choreography assistant for the renowned Brazilian choreographer Ivaldo Bertazzo, with shows performed in Brazil, France and Nederland.

In 2001 Hellen achieved a Bachelor’s degree of dance followed by a post-graduation diploma in dance teaching, and in 2009 successfully became a specialist of art-education through the University of Sao Paulo.

In recent years Hellen has been participating in several professional developments offered by STRUT Dance and AUSDANCE. Moreover she has been creating and performing her own works including performances at the Blue Room Theatre, the Kiss Club/CIA, PICA STRUT’s Short Cuts, the Perth FRINGE festival and PROXIMITY which received the Spirit of FRINGE award.

Her broad experience and applied methods for teaching include classical ballet, modern and contemporary dance, Laban and Bartenieff fundamentals, Pilates, Yoga and Feldenkrais. Her extensive knowledge of body therapies and self-massage provide students with the awareness of the body’s structure, function, and psycho-motor organization, allowing them to adopt a safe dance practice as well as the constant search for a perfect technique.