Principal Academy of Dance and Theatre Arts

Past Students

Our students have gone on to experience global success

Katherine Langford

Since graduating Principal Academy, Katherine has become globally recognised for her work as the leading actress in the Netflix Series “13 Reasons Why” and most recently “Cursed”. Katherine was also featured as the daughter in “Knives Out” along side Toni Collete and Daniel Craig.

After graduating high school, Katherine was determined to become an actor. However, she was rejected from every acting school she applied to, on the grounds she was too young and didn’t have enough life experience. This lead her to begin enrolling in acting classes and workshops in Perth, juggled three part-time jobs, and later found herself an agent.

From 2014 to 2015, Katherine studied at Principal Academy of Dance & Theatre Arts, majoring in Music Theatre. While there, she appeared in a production of Godspell, where she played Morgan. She was then one of five selected to participate in the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) Advanced Actors Residency in 2015. Also in 2015, she trained at Nicholson’s Academy of Screen Acting. During this time, she also portrayed the role of Juan Perón‘s mistress in the 2015 production of Evita at the Koorliny Arts Centre in Perth. In late 2015, Langford was offered a position in the Bachelor of Arts program in Acting at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) and intended to begin studies in 2016. However, she never enrolled and instead pursued professional roles.

Rebecca Borromei

Since graduating Principal Academy of Dance and attaining her Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts (Dance), Rebecca has been working with an internationally acclaimed acrobatic, juggling, comedy duo act “Cameo Rascale.”

Rebecca has worked as a guest entertainer on major cruise lines including Princess, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean, cruising in places such as Alaska, Hawaii and the Mediterranean.

Cameo Rascale has also completed five UK and European tours, performing in holiday parks, hotels and resorts during the summer seasons.

“PAD proved to me that with hard work, anything is possible. I am forever grateful for their ongoing support. I never thought I would successfully land my dream job so soon, but it just goes to show how equipped and prepared I was with the professional and versatile training that PAD provided me”.

Kaitlyn Barnard

Graduated Principal Academy with and Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts majoring in Dance. Currently works as a dancer/singer for Carnival Cruise Lines.

Kaitlyn went straight into auditioning and soon after I gained her first cruise contract on-board the Carnival Victory. She is a dancer/singer in the major production shows on-board, which utilised all styles of dance. Performing 6 nights a week and ensuring that the guests always had a good time and enjoyed the high-quality shows.

Isaac Money

Isaac Money graduated from the Principal Academy of Dance and Theatre Arts at the ripe age of 17, having completed an Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts majoring in Dance and Musical Theatre. He walked straight into the professional dance scene in Perth, performing in shows such as ‘Guys and Dolls’ at the Regal Theatre and for artists Georgi Kay and Guy Sebastian in live concerts. Prior to his studies, he began his screen acting career with representation through Filmbites Talent Agency, where he completed projects such as award-winning films ‘The Billabong’ and ‘Pinch’, and featured in the TV shows ‘Prank Patrol’ and ‘Cloud Street’.

Upon graduating PAD, Isaac moved to London where he currently pursues a career as an actor, having worked in the films ‘Subscribe’ and ‘Talking Backwards’ and featured in a music video for the band Formation. A highlight was working on the feature film ‘Cat Skin’, which he travelled to Italy for to see the premiere at Giffoni Film Festival, and the film has also recently had it’s North American screening.

With his versatile experience in dance that he refined at Principal Academy, he secured a role in the third sell-out run of UnCorked Theatres immersive show ‘How To Solve A Problem Like Murder’ where he reprised his lead role as James. Most recently, Isaac featured in the film “Passenger”.

Hayley Reeve

“Since graduating from PAD, I saved up my pennies and moved to the U.K. to start my career in performing arts, getting up at 5am in the morning to go to auditions. I was lucky enough to receive my first contract within 4 months.

I am now working for Iberostar Hotels and Resorts in Mallorca, Spain as a lead vocalist and performer. Every day I actively exercise and warm up my voice to keep my stamina high for two separate musical theatre productions. I tour around the island, performing for several hundred people every night.

Resilience, tenacity and temperament are the three key things to keep in mind when pursuing a career in the creative industry. Adding pressure to art can make you blossom or shatter. So be kind, always to yourself and others in the business.”

Alison Simpson-Price

Upon graduation from Principal Academy of Dance, Alison successfully auditioned and gained a contract for Celebrity Cruise Lines. She was employed as a Specialty Dancer on-board the Celebrity Eclipse sailing around Europe and the Caribbean. Since then Alison has continued to work for Celebrity onboard the beautiful Celebrity Summit, sailing around America, Canada and Bermuda.

Now employed as Dance Captain, Alison is loving working for Celebrity and is eager to see where her future takes her.

Tashi Bullman

Since graduating Principal Academy, the journey towards developing myself into the professional artist I am today has been incredible. I’ve always taken the drive, motivation and persistence needed to do well in college and applied it to my life as a performer, because once you’re self-employed and in the big wide world it can be very hard to maintain any kind of structure or balance! The advice from my teachers at the academy gave me great insights to what I’d need to do to help prepare myself for large scale auditions, rehearsal processes and my presence in a room. I still have Phil’s voice in my head when standing prepared for a routine to start (always with energy from head to toe and out of the fingers!) and Deby’s when I need to perform a number with full out energy. The support and push you get whilst training isn’t like anything you’ll find in the industry, so I’d definitely say to appreciate and savour every bit of feedback you get as it is all valuable.

For the one year I was a freelancer in Perth, I worked for creative event company’s Excessive Productions and Bent Knee Entertainment, and was a member of Green Room Agency where I played the lead role of Miss Scarlett in the end of year showcase. I danced in corporate events, worked as a suit character, hosted hens parties and taught classes around the city, alongside my ‘normal’ jobs as a waitress and scooping ice cream at Baskin and Robbins! I kept myself busy and met lots of people doing this, and juggling multiple jobs is something I continue to do today (and love!).

Here in London, I am a member of House of Jazz and UnCorked Theatre – two companies run by Christie Lee Manning, delving into the performance art of jazz styles, immersive theatre and cabaret. I have performed in their shows ‘How To Solve A Problem Like Murder’ and ‘One Nine Two Seven’, both receiving five star reviews and acclaim in the off-west-end immersive theatre world. My characters have ranged from a seductive cabaret dancer, to the younger version of a lead murderer! It’s always a challenge playing new characters, but one I love taking. I’ve performed for artists Laura Doggett, Bill Laurance and Newton Faulkner in their music videos, and live at the SSE Arena at Wembley, the IndigO2, Leeds Castle and the Rosewood Hotel. I’ve even been lucky enough to travel to Tuscany for a private showcase as a soloist! It’s been amazing delving into theatre, screen and stage shows since moving here, and my passion for storytelling and moving on stage has only grown after doing them!

At the moment, I continue to take company class with House of Jazz, and perform with Simon Drake in his acclaimed ‘House of Magic’ show in a secret location as a magicians assistant – I disappear from stage after being tied to a chair! I maintain my training at the leading studios/programmes in London – Pineapple, Studio 68, Runway House and CreationBox – and regularly attend dance intensives, join in with self-development workshops and go to masterclasses with choreographers flown in from around the world to this ever bustling city! I work as a receptionist at Studio Lagree which is a bespoke reformer-style class, and have been working in the fitness environment for the past two years. Though I’ve definitely had my fair share of not-so-fun jobs to help pay rent – flyering around train stations, collecting data from bars, and waitressing at school balls! It’s great to have a job relative to my industry because I get to keep fit by taking classes and socialise with people who have a similar passion and lifestyle.

Throughout my time in London I have worked a lot in the development of danced based companies, bringing choreographers to London to share their insight (including Beyonces choreographer Dana Foglia), helping curate six week summer intensives with Dance London (sadly no longer operating), sourcing dancers for bespoke events with LA based agency Elan Artists and learning within the business realms of the arts. It’s something I really enjoy and hope to one day contribute to the industry by giving back in everything I’ve learnt. I’d definitely say Principal Academy helped me strive for the highest standards of work and professionalism in the industry, and fuelled this fire within me to always keep learning, growing and developing to become the best person and dancer I can be!

Elise Sellen

Upon graduating Principal Academy, Elise set off to London, UK and gained a contract working for “Hammond Feel The Magic”. Located at Drayton Manor Theme Park- “the home of Thomasland.” Elise performed in five shows a day as well as several meet and greets. That section of the park is dedicated to Thomas The Tank Engine so all the songs and dialogue are about that. “Working there over Christmas was amazing as we did 5 Christmas shows a day, with snow machines for the last song, and meet and greets as well as a parade through the whole park, with fireworks each night”. Working there also enabled Elise to broaden her skill set and became one of their stilt walkers, which she has also performed in London.

In April 2018, Elise ran away with the circus! She was employed by “Universal Circus” as a dancer and flew out to Italy”.

The dancers have 8 numbers within the show, including magic, fire, and assisting with a clown act.

“The fire dance is my favourite as you can hear an audible gasp from the audience when we body burn. We move towns every one to two weeks. While I have worked here we have travelled around Naples and up the coast to Rome”.

“Circus life is completely different to normal life, and it opened my eyes to so many different pathways in the dance world that you can take”.

Jesse Waghorn

After graduating Principal Academy Jesse moved to Sydney and auditioned for anything and everything that came along. Within the first four months of moving he successfully auditioned for Dubai Parks and Resorts and started his contract with them later that year.

Jesse was hired as a Dancer/Actor for the Opening Cast of their “Ghostbusters Block Party Show”, a comedic atmostphere show that saw us getting ‘possessed’and dancing to songs sunch as ‘Single Ladies’ against our will.

Jesse was cast as Egon Spengler and the Villian Dr Janosz Poha, which meant he got to dance the show as a Ghostbuster, then on other days improvisation and play with the audience as the villain.

“It was an incredibly fun show to be a part of and I thoroughly enjoyed the work we did”.

After completing his contract, Jesse went on to gain a contract as a dancer with Carnival Cruises.

Shem Le Scelle

Graduated PAD and moving to Melbourne, my life has been a whirlwind. I threw myself at a lot of different projects and somehow many of them ended up sticking! I originally moved here to study stunt performance, and ended up working as a rigger for huge concerts like Adele and Justin Bieber, bumping in massive stages from My Fair Lady to Cirque Du Soleil, getting flown around the country as Batman and Captain America, hanging out in the background of shows and movies seeing performers such as Natalie Dormer and Hugo Weaving in action, combined with countless other adventures, working and performing where I never expected.

So much of this I never expected to see myself doing, and rarely thought I had the skills, however the more people I meet, the more I realise that simply just being willing to give new things a go and giving it a decent job will end up getting far further than you expect. Never be afraid to simply start talking to people, asking how to do things, and showing an interest in the hundreds of different ways you can work in the entertainment industry, you’ll never know where you end up!

You can spot me on shows such as “The Leftovers”, “House Husbands” and “Neighbours”, but keep an eye out for my stunt debut on the upcoming series “Romper Stomper Next Gen”!

Brooke Barlow

After taking the opportunity to defer a nursing course, Brooke studied for two years gaining her Advanced Diploma majoring in dance. This was a remarkable achievement given that Brooke had never undergone any previous classical training but soon became one of the top students of her year.

Brooke auditioned for Celebrity cruises and during her first few weeks rehearsals in Miami was selected as Dance Captain.

Since then, Brooke continued to complete numerous contracts as a dance captain and most recently became an install Director for the company.

Boston Hooper

After completing two years full-time training, Boston auditioned for Disneyland, Shanghai and successfully gained a contract as a character actor. He now resides in Shanghai and loves performing each day.

Catherine Nolan

Upon graduating, successfully auditioned for Royal Caribbean Cruiselines and was immediately offered a position as a dancer for the company and I has’nt looked back. Catherine worked her way up to a position of Dancer/Aerialist in the company.

“I am so lucky to have the privilege to travel the world and be in a position that enriches my passion”.

Melle Smith

Completing her training as a musical theatre major, Melle submitted her showreel to Lions Entertainment choreographer and choreographer Danielle Gregory. Impressed by the showreel and that Melle had studied modern dance was offered a contract and became a resident performer in Greece.

Stephen Beeson

Completed his training majoring in both musical theatre and dance. During this time Stephen became most interested in creating and directing and soon after, alongside graduate Rachel created and produced a theatrical show for the Edinburgh and Perth fringe festivals.