Principal Academy of Dance and Theatre Arts

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions relate to the application and audition process required to gain entry to Principal Academy. We have tried to address any issues you may have, but if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

When and where do the auditions take place?

Auditions take place from late November to January and ar held at Principal Academy campus located:

187 Carr Place, Leederville, Western Australia

If you are unable to attend a live audition please contact us and we will send information for video submission.

What if I have never studied Classical Ballet?

Don’t worry if you have never undertaken Classical Ballet training prior to the audition. We simply need to observe if you have the physical capability to meet the requirements of this unit. Many of our graduates commenced with little or no prior training in Classical Ballet and are now working as professionals.

What should I wear for the dance audition?

For the jazz class and pre-prepared solo we recommend you wear suitable dance attire that clearly shows postural line with either jazz shoes or dance sneakers and your hair off your face. With regards to Classical Ballet, a black leotard, ballet tights and ballet shoes with your hair in a tight bun, hairnet and bobby-pinned.

What should I wear for my monologue and song?

How you present yourself is taken into consideration, so we expect you to dress as though attending an interview. In other words not in your dance attire, thongs, tracksuit pants etc.

Do I have to use one of the example monologues?

There is no requirement to use one of the example monologues. You are welcome use one you have already studied.

Is there a time limit on my song/monologue?

Even though we ask you to prepare no more than 32 bars for your song, you should still be prepared to perform your whole song.

Your monologue should be no longer than three minutes.  This is not indicative of your skill, it just means we have seen enough to make our decision.

Who will be watching my audition?

A panel consisting of our Directors and department heads will observe your audition.

All panel members have experienced auditions and understand that you may be nervous. They will make you feel at ease and will encourage you to ask any questions if you are unsure.

What are you looking for in a potential student?

Most importantly, we look for physical capability, enthusiasm, growth potential and a positive attitude.

How do the performing arts courses differ from others?

Our courses have been specifically created and designed over a number of years, modelled on the UK colleges. They are aimed at producing highly versatile performers for the musical theatre, film, television and cruise ship industries. This is achieved by ensuring dance as the core subject combined with vocal and acting. Both the Diploma and Advanced Diploma qualifications contain a wide variety of dance genres to provide graduates an advantage when auditioning in their chosen pathway.

Do I have to pay for the course upfront and is there any assistance?

You are not required to pay the entire course fees upfront. You may elect to pay your course fees fortnightly, monthly or per term. Alternatively  you can apply for a “Study Loan” for all or part of you course fees.

When will I hear back from you?

All successful applicants will hear from us within 24 hours after the audition.

Should I bring an audio device for my solo piece?

Yes, we have audio equipment in our studios that have the capacity to play music through any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Do I need to have my own accompanist for my song?

Our Musical Director will accompany you, so there is no requirement to arrange your own.

Do I use a backing track for my song or provide the sheet music?

A backing track will not be accepted and you are required to provide the sheet music for our Musical Director.

May I use props in my solo routine?

Preferably not, as we are only observing your technical abilities and performance skills and the use pf props have the potential to distract and detract from your number.