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Certificate II in Dance – CUA20113

This one-year part-time course provides foundation skills in jazz, classical ballet, contemporary and related industry skills and knowledge in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of dance and performance. The course objectives clearly emphasise the development of practical abilities and the opportunity to study various styles of dance disciplines within a coherent and structured content.

Duration: 1 Year, February – November

Study: Part-time

Days: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday’s from 4.30pm – 7.30pm (Additional hours required during production weeks)

Entry: All applicants must meet the entry requirements listed here and pass the Academy audition

Auditions: These are held from December to January

Nationally recognised training - Training Accreditation Council - Prinicpal Academy of Dance

Outstanding Training for Children & Teens


This course is specifically designed to prepare dance and musical theatre students to audition and transition into full-time institutes. It provides high quality training by fully qualified instructors, focusing on the core technical genres in dance, communication skills and confidence. The well-structured program aims to produce technically sound, well-rounded and fully prepared individuals. It is offered two nights a week and is available for ages 16+

Duration: February – September each year

Study: Part-Time

Days: Tuesday & Thursday from 4.30pm – 7.30pm

Entry: Enquire


These carefully structured foundation programs are specifically designed for ages 10 to 15. Each student receives diverse and thorough dance training by fully qualified and experienced dance tutors preparing them for further training at a higher level. Each year, students who achieve the necessary skills, are provided the option to undertake internationally recognised dance certificates.

Duration: February – December each year

Study: Part-Time

Days: Saturdays from 9.00am – 3.30pm

Entry: Enquire