Course Structure

Full-Time Professional Courses

Courses undertaken at Principal Academy allow students to select a pathway which meets with their primary skill in the performing arts. This is achieved by allowing students to select their major. Each is specifically designed to produce highly skilled & diverse professional performers enabling them to succeed in this demanding industry.


This major aims to produce the most versatile dancers for the current industry. It fully engages students with a wide variety of dance genres that include contemporary, classical ballet, jazz, modern dance, tap, showgirl and commercial. in addition, musical theatre related studies in vocal and acting are undertaken as a mandatory requirement. This pathway fully prepares students for professional work by integrating the technical, theoretical and creative concepts in performance. An exceptional level of performance is required in all disciplines as students evolve into versatile dancers.


Musical theatre majors will develop strong technical skills in dance, acting and singing. It is most important to note that for those seeking a future in the musical theatre industry will require a high level of dance expertise to maintain a successful career. To achieve this, dance units are studied in modern theatre dance, classical ballet, tap and jazz with the main focus on technique, style and performance.  Vocal units cover accurate use of the voice, harmony work and confidence building both as a soloist and in ensemble. Acting focuses on improvisation, script work, sight reading, text analysis, accents, physicality and characterisation.


For those students that are pursuing a career as actors for musical theatre, stage plays, film and television, this course explores a wide range of acting styles from modern drama and comedy to classical pieces. This combined with relevant genres expected in musical theatre productions enables students to enhance their creative skills as actors. The course explores a variety of acting methods including Stanislavski, Laban, Lee Strasburg and Stella Adler. Acting majors will study play production and performance, film and television, text analysis, improvisation, voice work, use of American and British accents, comedy and Shakespeare. Students studying this major will also be required to acquire solid technique in modern theatre dance along with confident vocal ability in singing for both ensemble and solo work.

Available Courses

Full-Time Professional

Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts – 52749WA

Diploma of Performing Arts – 52748WA

Major in Musical Theatre, Dance or Acting

Part-Time Study


Master Class Series

Drop-In Professional


Semester dates for 2020:

Term Dates:

Term 1, Semester 1:
Monday 3rd February – Thursday 9th April
Term 2, Semester 1:
Tuesday 28th April – Friday 3rd July
Term 3, Semester 2:
Monday 20th July – Friday 25th September
Term 4, Semester 2:
Monday 12th October – Saturday 12th December

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